Friday, March 25, 2011

Days 11 & 12: tired, hungry and too fishy

Yesterday and today I've had problems with breakfast, which have resulted in me being hungry all day.

Yesterday I ate left over cod for breakfast-- or at least I tried. Since on days I work from home I don't normally eat until 9:30, fish before 7am was not very appetizing. I ate maybe half of it and packed the rest thinking I might eat it when I got to work, but I really don't like reheating stuff, fish especially so many times-- I'm squeamish about food poisoning after a bad experience I had once with leftover salmon. Thus, I ate lunch early, which was unfortunately tuna-- I'd packed that lunch two days before so I forgot I had a fish lunch and wouldn't have chosen fish again for breakfast. I got home from work, had berries and coconut milk before Crossfit and yummy grassfed steak and zucchini for dinner.

I woke up really hungry and made two hard boiled eggs and bacon. I have some sort of psychological block against eating more than two eggs at at time-- any more than that grosses me out. Unfortunately this was just not enough food. I had lunch a couple hours later-- turkey chorizo sausage with avocado and a bit of asparagus, but by 4pm I was starving again. The berries and coconut milk didn't do anything to fix it. It's only 5pm-- early for dinner but I think I'm going to have to start making it soon.

Crossfit yesterday was fun, though chaotic. Instead of the onramp class doing something separate from the main WOD, everybody in the gym (30+ people?) did the same workout. It's hard to explain but I'll take a stab: We were in teams of 4 (except I was on the one team of 5) and we did the following circuit:

400 m row (we could have run instead but the whole team was on board with rowing)
Step-ups/box jumps
Kettlebell deadlifts
Burpees (evil!)
and our group also did ring rows since we had 5 people

Each person was at one station, and then when the rower finishes their 400m they tap out the step-up person, and the step up person moves to kettlebells etc. You keep going until you get tapped out, and everyone keeps working for 16 minutes. When you are doing burpees 16 minutes is a long freaking time. It was fun though, and a good workout.

Today I'm pretty wiped. I slept 11 hours and am still tired-- it takes me a long time to recover from commuting days, especially back to back ones with crossfit to top it off.

We are out of almost everything-- this weekend I've got to plan food for the week and try and figure out how to do this a little more cheaply. I've been taking tips from Paleo on a Budget and am going to try out some of her ideas.

I had a lovely time over tea with my friend Stevie this afternoon and it was a good test of what I've retained so far about the science of paleo as I tried to explain it to her. She and I have been friends since 7th grade and she's a secret science nerd hiding in makeup like me so it's always fun to chat with her.

One more thing and then I need to shut up and go eat something before I pass out: I haven't really lost much weight so far (maybe 2 pounds of water) but today my favorite jeans that had gotten just tight enough not to be comfortable a couple of weeks ago now fit again (not loose like they once were but they aren't cutting off the circulation) and my digestion seems to be improving everyday-- I can't remember the last time I went this long without the near chronic gas/bloating issues I had before. Good sign!

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