Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 8: pushing up

Today I was so excited to get back to Crossfit! Today's workout was fun: first we worked on form in push-ups and overhead squats. Then, our workout was


350 meter row
15 pushups (the push up quantity was determined by the trainer)

We were in teams of two, so one person would wait while the other person did their set, and then start after and take turns (this forces you to hurry up since the other person is waiting).

My buddy was S, a girl I've chatted with a few times as we started the same day and are in the same age ballpark (I'm guessing she's a few years younger than me). S is in the army reserves and trying to get better conditioned to meet her PT test requirements before she goes overseas this summer. She is a LOT stronger than me (she can bust out those push-ups and situps!) but we both suck equally at running (actually I think I suck a little more). She's a fun workout buddy-- we cheer each other on and make each other laugh.

So for the pushups, since both S and I are strong enough to do some real pushups, but not the 60+ required by today's workout, our trainer had us doing these funny ones that reminded me of chataranga in yoga-- you go down the real push-up way, and then come back up with your knees down. Each push-up takes twice as long as doing them the regular way with all that leg coordination, which is I think why we were the last ones done by a long ways. By the third set of push-ups I could only get through 7 of them this funny way and then switched to straight knee pushups, and by the last set, my arms were jelly and I literally just about fell on my face a couple times.

So food: I'm still figuring out how I feel about starchy vegetables and fruit. I definitely can not eat fruit away from a meal without a blood sugar spike. A kiwi with a meal seems not to cause a problem. With dinner I had a half a sweet potato and an hour later I'm still hungry, but I'm not sure if this is a blood sugar thing, or real hunger because our workout today took over an hour! What sucks is that it's after 10pm, I've already brushed my teeth, and eating much more before bed will keep me awake. But so will being hungry.

What I ate:

Breakfast: 2 eggs overeasy in coconut oil, I tried to make bacon but I was having a computer crisis with my work computer and I got distracted and burned the hell out of it, so I only ate a couple bites of bacon, and some left over zucchini. Was still hungry after this and had coffee with coconut milk, but I think it was a little much because I had mild stomach acid-y/hard-burn sort of feeling later.

Lunch: left over ground beef and veggies from yesterday-- forgot the avocado! 1 kiwi, green tea.

Snack before crossfit: a big tablespoon of coconut cream/milk

Dinner: chicken breast, 1/2 a small avocado, 1/2 a yam (some weird kind I got at the health food store that was yellow inside instead of orange but super yummy), 1.5-2 cups broccoli with olive oil all over all of it.

Maybe I'll have another spoonful of coconut milk and see if that takes the edge off. Tomorrow I'll skip starch after xfit and see if I get hungry. I want to have enough carbs for recovery, but I also feel like this first month my body needs time to heal from all the sugar crap I've been putting in it.

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