Monday, March 17, 2014

Elimination diet madness

Clearly I am not finding a lot of time to blog.  Every couple weeks I keep eliminating another food trying to get to the bottom of Marshall's eczema and so far I'm not seeing much improvement, and I am getting cranky.  I started with eliminating dairy, and to be honest, I feel better off that one so I can live without that.  Next I eliminated eggs, which was a lot harder-- I ate them almost every single morning and occasionally for another meal too.  I am not positive whether that has helped yet because even though I have been off them a week, we have to work through the stored breastmilk from when I was eating eggs first, which will take at least through this week.  Last week I also eliminated nuts.  I suppose it would be faster to cut out all of this stuff at once-- that's how an elimination diet is typically done, but it feel so daunting to me, it is easier to cut out one thing at a time.

I'm afraid I am feeling bored with food and deprived and always starving.  I need to find new recipes because I end up eating beef or chicken, sweet potato, and some kind of green vegetable 3 meals a day, with a little sunflower seed butter and allergen free chocolate on the side keeping me sane.