Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 15: Low carb beeotch

I'm not sure if it's the lower carbs, lower calories or what but the last few days I have had SUCH a short fuse, and I can't seem to hang on to things-- I am constantly dropping stuff which pisses me off. Listening to Robb Wolf's podcasts he says it can take 2-4 weeks to adapt to eating lower carbs. I really hope it doesn't take much longer-- I am not fun to be around just now. Strangely, Crossfit last night really helped. I left the house cranky and not in the mood and by the time our workout was over I was feeling great! So maybe it's not the carb thing, since you'd think if I didn't have enough fuel I would be even worse off. But our workout wasn't very aerobic so who knows. Crossfit: we practiced a lot of squat form, first without weight, then with a 45 pound bar. I think I did probably 75 squats during the practice. I have a hard time keeping my knees out- they really want to point in. Next we practiced doing planks which was tough! Our actual workout was 7 minutes of as many thrusters as you can do (thrusters being a squat to an overhead press). My shoulders killed on this, much more than my legs, but my legs are feeling it today. Besides the good endorphins from exercise, Crossfit helped my mood, I think because we have such a good dynamic among the girls in the class-- we tease and cheer for each other and it makes it fun. I was sad I'm not going to make it tonight, but long work day + M's evening "schmoozing" work event he's taking me to for our unofficial date night means getting home too late for class. Gives my legs some time to recover anyway. Food yesterday: B: left over ground beef, broccoli and guacamole L: a can of salmon plus sauteed greens cooked in olive oil and garlic and topped with a few chopped olives-- couple spoonfuls of coconut cream (on the side-- mixed with lemon juice it almost tastes like yogurt!). S: still pretty hungry mid afternoon and trying to get away from fruit as a snack so I had two eggs and some avocado. D: I made pot roast which turned out kind of disappointingly. It was rather dry-- the first time I made that recipe it was unbelievably good and the past few times it comes out dry-- I think it might be my new oven running hotter. Anyway, the wine sauce made it edible but it wasn't the best pot roast ever. Finally, I would like to share this post, by Amy Kubal a Registered Dietitian who is all about Paleo on not letting the number on the scale rule your life-- even though it is completely normal for me to plateau the second (and sometimes third) weeks of trying something new, I still get frustrated at not seeing the numbers move. Her post was very timely for me.

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