Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1: So far so good

I apologize in advance for the poor quality of my food photography. I'm working on getting a better lighting set up-- until then I hope it doesn't make you too queasy, as bad food photography often does to me!

Breakfast day one: I cooked two pounds of Sheldon's turkey chorizo (it was not in casing- just ground turkey with spices) with two pounds of frozen stir fry veggies in coconut oil. I ate maybe 1/5 of this mixture for breakfast with a cup of green tea.

Lunch: A half cup or so of the breakfast mixture, 2 hard-boiled eggs, grilled asparagus and 1/4 of a large avocado. It was delicious! I didn't think I could finish it but I was hungrier than I thought! I also had nettle infusion, which is tea made of dried nettles (they don't sting once they've been dried or cooked), and I make mine with Red Raspberry leaf (a good herb for women's health), peppermint, Rooibos tea and a smidge of licorice root and then I put it in a coffee press and let it steep overnight. Nettle is very rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron. Not sure if this is strictly paleo, but tea is allowed so I'm going with it.

Pre-Crossfit snack: a little bit of pulled pork (see below) and a few raw baby carrots.

Dinner: I made the Cook's Illustrated recipe for pulled pork, which I made once before except I didn't "crisp" it under the broiler at the end the way the recipe suggests because that made it kind of dry last time I made it. (I'd post the recipe but it is a subscription only service-- I highly recommend it, they really test all of their recipes so they are always fantastic). This I served with broccoli and more avocado and a kiwi. I also through some chicken in the crock pot for tomorrow so it was a busy cooking afternoon. Was too hungry and the kitchen was too dark to take pics so you will just have to use your imagination!

And then there was my first day back at Crossfit: first of all the gym has been remodeled since I was last there and it's double the size it used to be. I'm sure they have way more people too (there are 12 people in the newbie class this month) but since I never went to evening classes before I can't be sure how much more. Our workout was all calisthenics-- after a few practice of each and some other warm up stuff we did:

3 rounds of:
10 pull ups (which those of us not strong enough to really do them do by jumping on a box to get over the bar)
10 push ups
20 sit-ups
20 air squats

I found out if your pilates instructor is impressed at the strength of your abs this does NOT translate to 60 sit-ups-- I struggled through those. The squats weren't too bad as I have been doing squats with somewhat regularity. The pull ups were hard, and the push ups I got through the 10 in the warm up and the first set of 10 doing "real" ones and then I had to switch to my knees, which I felt pretty good about. There was a huge range of abilities-- I was probably in the bottom half to third, but definitely not the worst. One guy puked outside and then came back in to finish! Good for him.

My energy was good all day, I wasn't hungry or craving anything and I really enjoyed my workout-- it was harder than I would have pushed myself, but not so hard that I will be absolutely destroyed tomorrow.

Incidentally, my hubby started trying Crossfit on his own today and did

10 burpees
20 squats
20 situps

with almost no rest. He's in much better shape than me-- I hate burpees! He said the squats killed his quads.

Overall an excellent first day. Tomorrow's a work day-- I have my food all packed up but no crossfit again until Wednesday.

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