Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 2: Stop making me laugh!

Sorry, no pics today-- Tuesday is a long day for me as I often go to work and then hang out at my husband's office in the evening until his club basketball game is over.

I did not really sleep last night. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not used to working out so late (we finished at 7:30pm-- I usually work out mid-day or morning), or it's the adjustment to less carbs (which I vaguely remember throwing off my sleep in the past) or just being excited about the new direction I'm heading in, but I had a hard time falling asleep and I woke up well before my 6am alarm., despite being very tired when I went to bed and when I woke up. I've been trying to sleep more lately, since I realized on the weekends when I get 9 or 10 hours of sleep I feel amazing, but on days I do the dreaded commute I'm lucky if I can get 6.5 hours and then I'm wrecked for two days. The sleep dep and the after effects of Crossfit combined and I was hurting today!

As Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) doesn't usually kick in for 24-48 hours after a workout, I was not surprised to find that my soreness progressed over the course of the day. It is now exactly 24 hours after Crossfit and I hurt! What's funny is after the workout last night, while I couldn't have done much more, I wasn't completely DESTROYED like sometimes after a hard workout-- I was tired and spent. I didn't think my legs would be sore, but I was wrong-- it's hard to get up and down from my chair. My arms hurt, my back is sore, and my abs! My husband keeps trying to tickle me just to watch me wince, and he's funny so he makes me laugh which hurts. It probably would have been better if I had gone back today to work out some of that lactic acid, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

So food:

Breakfast was the same as yesterday.

For Lunch I had chicken mole, for which I adapted this recipe from 30 days of paleo.

My changes:

1. I used cashew butter instead of almond
2. I left out both kinds of peppers-- the hot ones because I don't like spicy, and both because I didn't have any
3. I used 2T of unsweetened, organic cocoa powder instead of 2 oz cacao
4. I used homemade turkey stock, but I think it may not have been 10 oz-- I boiled the ziplock bag I'd frozen the stock in and it sprung a leak into the water I boiled it into!

I would not recommend leaving out the bell pepper-- the sauce really needed that sweetness to balance some of the more bitter flavors, which probably also would have come from the almond butter had I used it. I added a couple drops of stevia to make it edible. Unfortunately it made M's tummy hurt (I think he might be allergic to one of the spices in it-- he said "Indian" type spices don't like him) so I guess I'll be eating the rest of it. Anyway, I had this with asparagus (which I sort of set on fire broiling last night! oops) and some avocado.

I had a questionable snack in the afternoon. On Tuesdays M. and I usually get dinner someplace near his office before his basketball games. I was only sort of hungry and the place we went to had mainly a happy hour type menu. I ordered shredded pork sliders and just ate the meat-- I should have gotten the burgers though because the pork definitely had some kind of sweet bbq sauce AND gluten (my lungs are a great barometer for gluten and dairy-- they get a little wheezy when I've had it), but I only had a few bites so the damage was minor. Later I had the snack I meant to eat earlier in the afternoon: two hard boiled eggs, nitrate free ham with mustard, and avocado again. (I really need to find something equivalent for the avocado so I don't get burned out on them!)

When I get home I might eat some more chicken if I'm still hungry-- I don't think I brought enough in my lunch today-- I never seem to bring the right amount of food on work days: always way too much or not nearly enough.

Another woman in my office coincidentally also started Paleo this week-- she's doing it to try and reduce inflammation. We are going to compare notes as we go. Might be nice to have a buddy! My boss is starting crossfit in a couple of weeks too-- she's an avid spinner but I'm pretty sure she doesn't do a whole lot of serious weight so I'm interested to see how she likes it.

Maybe tomorrow I will figure out how to take food pictures that are less gross looking!

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