Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 3: Light and easy

I'll make this quick since I don't have a lot of interesting things to report. This morning I was still epic-sore from Monday. It didn't help I sat all day. When I got to Crossfit I saw a couple people running and was fearing the dreaded running workouts (they are inevitable) but instead it turned out to be a very light day, just practicing some of the olympic lifts with little or no weight. I chatted with some of the other ladies in our class (there were 5 men and 5 women tonight) and it helped my soreness just to move around a bit.

Food was the same as yesterday (with homemade pulled pork for dinner instead of the restaurant kind). I had a small plate before Crossfit (it's hard when you workout at dinner time) and I'm going to have another one now.

The above picture is of my lunch-- did a little better putting it in natural light-- I did eat all of that (macademia nuts on the chicken instead of avocado) but I think I ate a little too much. That said, I've been pretty hungry today-- probably my body needing fuel for recovery, plus I think I didn't eat enough yesterday.

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Stevie said...

So many people have been talking about pulled pork today...I think I need to make some. I have a great recipe for a Mexican pulled pork. Delicious!

I'm sure your body is aching for some extra protein with the Crossfit. Good muscle fuel!

Tomorrow I'm making an almond and coconut crusted cod for dinner. It's recipe I sort of made up in my head, but haven't actually tried sounds awesome, but could be a failure :-)