Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 9: nausea & prep work

Today I think being behind on calories kind of caught up with me. Plus I was having a frustrating day and so I decided I deserved a treat. But still paleo. So about an hour after lunch I had this:

(sorry, I took the picture with my phone)
It's 1 cup mixed berries (from frozen, I defrosted), with 1/2 cup coconut milk and 1/2 oz unsweetened cacao. It was unbelievably delicious (note: a week ago this would not have tasted good-- it's only because my mouth is no longer used to sweet that it did). Unfortunately I should not have eaten this much-- I was too full and a half hour after I ate it I was really nauseated. That was a lot of fat all at once + a too full tummy.

Breakfast was Trader Joe's chicken sausages and I will not eat these again. I just can't digest the casing-- my tummy did not like this at all. I had them last week and noticed this as well. Had with veggies.

Lunch: the last of the ground-beef stir fry, avocado.

Dinner: Stuffed 3 bell peppers with 1 lb of ground beef (four peppers would have been better but I only had 3)-- I mixed the beef with 1 egg, garlic powder, onion and some fresh chopped basil. I baked it in 350 degree oven for about an hour (I messed up the timer on accident so I'm not sure exactly how long, but until the meat wasn't pink anymore). It was really good, though a little too packed in there-- I think next time I'll add some more veggies in it and not pack them so tight.

Crossfit: was great! I actually considered not going today because I didn't sleep very well last night and I was tired and cranky all day, but Crossfit made me feel really good and chipper again.

First we warmed up pulling the slides again. It was nice out so I was scared we would have to run, but instead we first worked on knees to elbows, which is where you hang from a bar and attempt to get your knees up to your elbows, which is super hard. We did 50 0f those, though I didn't realize we were supposed to be counting at first so I'm not sure if I did that many or not. It mainly hurt my hands to hang there. Next we did a little practice on the back extension machine which looks something like this: it feels scary because you are so far forward and hurts the tops of your quads where all the weight is (also works your lower back)-- I actually discovered later it gave me a small spot with broken blood vessels where the thing pushed into me. Anyway, we just held the position for awhile to get used to it-- no actual extensions today. Finally, we practiced jumping rope, which is something I am decent at (at least compared to running!), but we practiced double unders-- i.e. getting the rope around twice per jump and I could not get that.

Then the real workout was short but intense:
40 single jumps on the jump rope
15 jumping pull-ups

Repeat the above as many times as you can in 10 minutes: I got through 5.5 times. My buddy S was around 6 times-- she is always about 10-15% ahead of me, which is great because we are close enough that I push to catch her, without her being so far ahead I can't feel like I can catch up. She's also funny and a good cheerleader.

I spent a lot of time this afternoon prepping for the next couple of days. Usually when I have long work days they aren't in a row, but this week it's two days in a row of the exhausting 3 hour commute, so food prep was important. I made 2 days of lunches for M. and me, and set cod to defrost in the freezer. My favorite chorizo is also defrosting-- I would have preferred to make that ahead for breakfast but it's rock solid so it will have to be made in the morning.

Last night I also made probably 1.5 gallons of chicken stock by boiling what was left of the whole chicken I made last week in my giant stock pot for 6 hours with a couple tablespoons of vinegar (it helps break down the bones so you get the calcium in the stock). As I do every few months I carefully bagged it in 2 and 4 cup zip lock servings and put them in my freezer. Unfortunately one of them leaked down behind and under the freezer drawer, which does not come out easily is a mess of frozen chicken stock that I'm going to have to deal with next weekend. Not happy about that.

Tomorrow & Thursday are going to be long days, especially because I'm going to get 2-3 hours a sleep less than I need each night so hopefully my prep work will help ease the exhaustion.

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