Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 19: Tired & Rainy

This will be brief-- I'm not feeling so good today. I already was sleep deprived yesterday and then last night, probably because of too much caffeine + dinner much too late + x fit = I woke up every two hours and had crazy dreams all night. Despite the fact I could have slept until noon if I wanted to, I woke up for the final time around 8 and couldn't sleep anymore. All day I have been walking around in a haze. I did some errands and a couple ladies in Marshall's were looking at me really funny. It also absolutely poured down rain all day-- April showers and all that, but it made driving all over town in my sleepy stupor extra challenging.

On top of that my digestive system has been really off since that salad at Hard Rock-- maybe there was a little gluten in it? I've had gas pains (sorry if TMI) that were the worst for the two days after, but still some residual even today and everything is moving really really slowly. So much for hoping for the best-- next time I'm going to say I have a life threatening allergy to gluten.

I've had the carcass from the turkey disaster simmering since mid-day. I'm hoping maybe the meat still on it will soften up and I can add the super dry meat already cut off to it and salvage a soup-- we'll see. I don't have any room in the freezer for broth, since I just made chicken broth last week so I'm definitely making soup one way or another tomorrow.

I am very excited about how much better the grocery selection is looking this week: I made a revolutionary discovery! More on that tomorrow.

Today I haven't really been very hungry, probably because I'm so tired.

Breakfast: left over super dry ground beef patty (not the best but didn't want to waste it!) with sauteed veggies and I think the last of the avocado. Coffee (half the real kind, half decaf with a little coconut milk)

Lunch: the other half of yesterday's salmon patty + veggie lunch with extra salsa.

Snack: had a few bites of coconut cream which I mixed with lemon juice and basil-- this for some reason made me very nauseated and has lasted a few hours.

Dinner: still facing nausea, ate a very small portion of the recipe below (which was good).

Ground beef & Greens Stir-Fry:
a small onion chopped small and sauteed until browned in coconut oil
gloves crushed garlic
1.25 pounds grass fed (yay!) beef
1 head of swiss chard, chopped to bite sized pieces
1 head of lacinato kale, de-stemmed and chopped to bite sized pieces
and the end of a bag of shredded cabbage
I threw in some wheat free tamari-- not sure how much just poured some on.

I cooked the beef until mostly done and then added the veggies and put a lid on it to steam for 5 minutes or so and then stirred it a few times.

It came out pretty good-- there was lots left so I'll definitely be having leftovers tomorrow.

More on my shopping excitement tomorrow, and maybe a post on supplements.

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