Monday, April 11, 2011

Paleo Diet: First 30 days

In 30 days of Paleo & Crossfit OnRamp I:

Didn't lose any scale weight at all (I found this surprising). I lost two pounds the first week but it eventually returned (probably water weight/muscle gain?)

Lost 1.25 inches off my waist and 1.5 inches off the dreaded lower tummy poochy area and so my jeans fit way better now. My bicep increased by more than half an inch (!) and my chest went down a half inch (not really a goal, but is of note). My butt is 1/4 of an inch smaller too. All my other measurements stayed the same.

The good: my digestion has slowly but steadily been improving and I definitely have gotten better control of my sugar cravings.

The bad: I felt like crap for at least two weeks and my sleep has been horrible.

Where I go from here: I'm going to keep posting food and recipes, but not necessarily every day. I am going to try eating a bit more carbs, and work on improving my sleep. Next week I have an appointment with my ND to try and figure out what's going on with my hormones and I will try and get her to test my cortisol and see if that's part of the issue.

What I may do is 2 weeks of more carbs and see how that goes and then if that doesn't help in May I will do another 30 days, this time being 100% strict (i.e. no chocolate or nut butter, maybe a break from eggs) and see what that does for me.

I've got a TON of stuff going on this week so I'm probably going to take a blogging break until next week but I'll have lots more to say then. I'm not giving up yet on this plan, just continuing to tweak.

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