Thursday, April 21, 2011

Semi-Paleo Vacation

I'm back! M and I spent a glorious week getting some much needed sunshine, spending two nights on Oahu and 5 on Kauai. Food in restaurants was hit or miss-- I had some fantastic restaurant meals and some pretty inedible ones, fortunately I also was able to cook in Kauai. I bought a huge pack of ground beef, some chicken, eggs and veggies and we ate those for breakfasts and dinners on Kauai, supplemented with lots of papayas, a few chocolate covered and plain macadamia nuts and a little wine. Lunches we mostly ate out, as well as dinner the last day and a couple of times I definitely got "glutenized"-- the last day in particular and I felt pretty bad all the way home. I was glad for a kitchen, but the oven was pretty old and kind of tippy-- everything in the pan would slide to one side! I was happy to get home to my own kitchen and fancy oven. I ate a bit more sugar, and definitely more carbs and fruit then I had been eating the past month, but overall I'd say it was a 80-85% Paleo vacation and that's good enough for me!

Exercise was mainly of the swimming/hiking variety. We took a red eye home and I got zero sleep (I'm bad at sleeping sitting up and we were in a row that didn't recline) so have been like zombies the last couple days. I'm looking forward to getting back to Crossfit tomorrow!

Hawaiian Purple yams-- pretty, but actually not that tasty.

Standard dinner-- burger no bun, yam fries, salad and pineapple
Best dessert ever-- half a papaya filled with diced banana (mango also good) and topped with mac nuts and chocolate mac nuts.

It's still basically winter in Seattle-- makes me wish I was still here:


Jared M Johnson said...

WHAT?! You don't like the purple yams? How did you prepare them? I think they're amazing mashed up with butter. It tastes like cake! I'm amazed you don't think they're good :(

Sabrina said...


I made fries out of them and the oven we had in our condo made it hard not to burn them! I should have tried just baking them whole I guess...