Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 25: Bakin' Bacon, Back on Track

I feel soooooo much better today. I actually felt really awesome all day. I didn't take the Thyroid supplement-- was that causing my cranky pants attitude? Maybe. I didn't have those sucky sugar cravings all day either-- I think it's possible that starting the day with that soup containing beets and carrots might have been what set me off before-- or maybe the chocolate finally wore off. Today I had the tuna "chowder" I made last night for breakfast, and although my officemates probably did not enjoy the re-heated fish smell this morning, it was a very satisfying breakfast. Lunch was beef stir-fry. Dinner was absolutely DELICIOUS.

Bakin' bacon!

I made: scrambled eggs with red pepper and finely chopped greens, bacon, which I baked on a rack in the oven which worked beautifully, and sweet potato "chips" (or round fries as M. insisted they be called). I took a big sweet potato and cut it into very thin rounds (maybe 2-3 mm thick) and baked them on a cookie sheet with lots of olive oil, garlic powder and salt. I cooked the bacon and the potatoes at the same time since my oven has a handy-dandy convection option. SO YUMMY.

Tonight was my last night of OnRamp. I knew when I was driving to the gym with the sun shining that we were going to have to run tonight. After all, it's "free pain Thursday" as our coach always says. While it was sunny it was really cold and my lungs* did NOT enjoy running in the cold air at all-- they HURT almost the whole time and I've been coughing since the workout, but I actually did pretty well and ran with minimal walking for the whole workout, which was:

10 wall ball shots (throw a medicine ball at the wall, catch and squat, repeat)
200 meter run
9 wall ball shots
200 meter run
8 wall ball shots
(you get the picture-- all the way down to 1)

It sucked and was awesome all at the same time. I was bright red like a tomato when we finished (at least I wasn't purple, which sometimes happens when I run). My two buddies were there tonight but they aren't quite done with OnRamp yet. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to all start going to the 5:30 class together once they finish up. I left feeling really happy with my workout and my new friends.

*a note about my lungs: in 2007 I had bronchitis + the flu for a month. It was the sickest I have ever been in my life. Ever since then whenever I get any sort of sick, including my food allergy reactions, it happens in my lungs. They are wussy. I've had some mild seasonal allergy stuff happening lately, and that compounded with the cold air made my lungs hurt. Also, they are just deconditioned from not doing enough cardio.

Also, strangely this morning I woke up feeling skinny. The scale was actually UP several pounds (retaining water maybe) but a pair of pants that hasn't fit in awhile fit me easily, which means my lower tummy/hips/butt area has gotten smaller. See? This is why we can not trust the scale.

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