Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 24: Accidental "Chowder" and I heart Crossfit

Today was just a weird day. I felt weird-- still had that kind of uncomfortable vaguely sugar cravings-y feeling (though I didn't really want anything in particular, I just wanted that feeling to go away). If I had strips for my blood glucose meter it would be interesting to see where my blood sugar was when I felt like that. (I have one because it was free at a conference, not because I am diabetic).

Breakfast: soup, 2 eggs, was still hungry so had 1 cup berries and coconut cream
snack: decaf coffee and coconut milk
Lunch: ground beef and greens-- seasoning was more "taco" style today-- made enough for M and I to have for lunch tomorrow too.
Snack: just felt so off, and had coconut cream mixed with a couple teaspoons of sunflower seed butter
Dinner: I made the pork roast I bought last weekend-- it didn't come out tender enough for shredded pork-- maybe it was the wrong cut of pork or I'm thinking my oven runs hot. We still ate it and it was good, just not shredded. I thought it would last 2 meals for both of us but it was fairly fatty and I got maybe 1 1/3 meals. Maybe lunch on Friday.

The one thing that made that weird feeling go away was Crossfit, which is why I think maybe my blood sugar was high and I burned some off, but I don't know for sure. I'm also wondering if my adaptogen/iodine supplement might be causing my cranky spells so I'm going to skip that tomorrow and see if it's any better.

I accidentally came up with a recipe for dairy free tuna chowder tonight that is really yummy and easy:

Chop and de-stem two heads of cauliflower
Steam until very soft and crumbly (for me this was around 12 minutes)
Put in blender (I used my vitamix-- I don't have a food processor but that would work too)
Following measurements are approximate as I just threw stuff in:
add around 1/2 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup coconut cream
1/4 tsp? garlic powder
2 tsp? salt

Blend it all up-- for me this came out runny like thick chowder which wasn't what I was going for (I was trying to make more of a mashed potato consistency) but my plan was to mix it with a can of tuna anyway and it tasted like a yummy clam chowder (caveat: given my dairy allergy I haven't actually had clam chowder in probably 5 years or more). Anyway I'm excited to eat that tomorrow. It made a lot of cauliflower-- I mixed a can of tuna with maybe 1/3 of the cauliflower. I think I have some left over kale chips I might top it with.

Snow at Local's Gym!

Now for Crossfit: we had a random snow shower as I was driving to the gym tonight-- highly unusual for April in Seattle. It made a lot of people late for class. At first I was the only one there for OnRamp and J, my trainer said I did not need one on one work and to join the regular WOD class. Fine with me! With only one OnRamp left I'm looking forward to the main class. Our workout was tough but fun: after a warm up we split into teams of three-- I was on a team (team "banana" which was literally the first thing that came to my mind when we had to come up with a team name) with one of the girls I was in onramp with, and another woman who has been doing crossfit for about 6 months but at a different gym. It was her first time at our crossfit-- she looked like I would love to look-- super lean but also with muscle. The workout went something like this:

Person A rows as hard as they can for one minute. They take the number of calories they burned in that minute (generally around 15-20) and subtracts it from 40 to get x. Person B & C do x number of either kettlebell swings or knees to elbows. When they finish, everyone rests one minute and then rotates, so a new person is rowing, swinging, etc. We were done when we got to 100 calories burned on the rower. By the last set when I had to do 30 knees to elbows my hands and forearms were killing-- I've got some good calluses forming though. Then we worked a bit on dips and stretched. It was really fun-- a different dynamic being coached by two women as we were in this class, but it was great having two coaches since in a big class sometimes you don't get much form correction otherwise. I had a really good time.

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