Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taking Care

I have not been doing a very good job of taking care of myself lately. I have not been eating enough protein, and sugar has slowly come back into my life. Two weekends out of town threw off my gym routine and I have had difficulty finding motivation to get back to it. As an example of how I am not living as I would want my clients to live: yesterday we had an early Mother's Day brunch with my in-laws. Everything they brought had gluten in it. I had brought cut veggies and hummus which is all I ate for lunch. I am also out of smoothie supplies and only had a larabar for breakfast. By the time we got home I was ravenous. I quickly made two scrambled eggs which I put on two not very delicious gluten-free waffles and added some red pepper dip as a spread. The flavors did not go together at all and I did not enjoy it but I ate it anyway because I was hungry. I've been eating in front of the computer and tv and just generally not focusing on eating mindfully or consciously. Worst of all, I have not been very kind to myself and have spent several days saying mean things to myself I would never say to one of my friends. All of this needs to stop. Eating sugar makes me a crazy person, and exercise will help the feeling sorry for myself moping to end. It is time to pull myself together.

I have been spending a lot of time being mommy to my chickens. The coop is almost finished and the chickens have been spending more and more time outside. By next weekend I expect they will move outside for good.

Muffin and I have bonded. She has discovered that when she really wants something, flying into my lap or onto my arm gets her what she wants. The other night I was sitting with the chickens in their pen outside and talking to my mom on the phone. It was getting late and the chickens were getting cold. They were complaining loudly to me from the ground but when that didn't work, Muffin flew into my lap to tell me all about how she wanted to go inside. Again yesterday when we let the chickens range free, the other four had gone to the other side of the yard and Muffin wasn't paying attention. She came running to me crying because she couldn't find her friends. She jumped onto my arm and I carried her to where her pals had gone. Funny chicken-- it's very endearing.

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Ryah said...

You are not alone. I am having the same struggle. I think the best thing for me to get my health back in order will be to graduate! Oh, and about the headaches, maybe it is stress combined with chocolate (and not chocolate alone)!