Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seasonality vs. Sugar-free

I admit I'm breaking my own rule about buying things in season. Eating fruit really helps with sugar cravings and this time of year there isn't much in the way of local seasonal fruit. The apples are kind of mushy and everything else comes from California. So I've been buying grapes, strawberries and raspberries from California (that is the one thing I miss about living down there-- there is local produce available so much more of the year!)

Here's the thing: it's not as good. And I knew it when I bought them. My parents grew up in rural Oregon where in the summers they had jobs picking strawberries from the fields. As a result my dad is a total strawberry snob-- as long as I can remember he has waited patiently for the local strawberries to be available and turned his nose up at the giant, usually under-ripe California variety that are available much of the year. He is right of course-- but it's either fruit or cookies at this point so for now I choose fruit-- local or otherwise. In another month I will get to eat "real" strawberries, grown locally and twice as tasty. For now, I'm eating the not so great California version. Try not to judge me :)

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