Thursday, May 14, 2009

My first hate comment....

I was quite stunned to find the following comment left on my post about the WSDA conference:
Anonymous said...

I somehow came across your blog and I am frightened. I have been a practicing dietician for 27 years and you are gravely misinformed, ignorant, and unbelievably narrow minded in your approach to healthy eating. I am not familiar with the Bastyr curriculum, but it terrifies me that you believe your way of life is "normal". I hope someday you will open your eyes and realize this.

I went back and re-read my post wondering what kind of insanely ignorant comments I somehow accidentally posted. If you re-read my post you will see I was complaining about two things:
1. That the breakfast provided by the conference was all white bread, sugar and artificial sweeteners (about which MANY of the dietitians complained-- not just us Bastyr people, and was likely provided by the hotel not the WSDA).

2. That I expected there to be options appropriate for someone with allergies since I checked a box stating my allergies.

Now, granted, my original post was fairly cranky and not very understanding to the people who put on this conference, and for that perhaps I should apologize-- I am certain that it was a lot of hard work and they did the best they could. But that was not what this person was criticizing me for. I DO wish she had left her name so I could find out what about my post was so ignorant and narrow minded. Perhaps she thought I wanted every person in the world not to eat dairy, gluten or sugar? But I did say even in this post that I have severe allergies, and if she had read other parts of my blog she would have seen in detail my symptoms when I eat these foods. Is it closed-minded to want to protect myself from eating foods that cause me anaphylaxis? I have never once on this blog suggested other people should have to eat the way I do-- I certainly would not eat this way if I could help it.

Perhaps it was my rant on the yoplait light yogurt and white bread bagels. For this I am afraid I can not apologize. I know some of the things I am into are a bit alternative, but pretty much every health organization in the country is saying people should eat more whole grains and less refined sugar. How is that ignorant or narrow-minded? Sounds pretty main-stream to me. I would have loved to have seen whole grain bagels and fruit (I still couldn't have eaten the bagels but it would have been better than the pastry they had).

Anonymous, since you asked, Bastyr is a rigorous science-based curriculum, that also happens to teach a whole foods approach. That means eating real food like fruit, vegetables, whole-grains, legumes and meat if you so choose. We believe in local, organic and sustainable living. We are not fans of food full of chemicals made by man. I hope you just mis-read or mis-understood what I was getting at in my post, and that you are not actually suggesting that I scare you because I am allergic to gluten.

So my new friend anonymous, I suppose I will never know what you meant-- but if it is any of the above, then I'm afraid you scare me too. In fact, I would say that the close-mindedness and ignorance you accuse me of seems to, in fact, apply to YOU, since you sought me out and attacked my opinion without identifying yourself or explaining your point of view (and likely, without reading the rest of my blog which would have told you so much more about me). So I'm sorry for you.

And for everyone else reading-- anonymous comments will no longer be allowed on this blog. If you want to have a conversation about something then you need to own up to your opinions and not hide behind the internet. If anonymous wants to contact me I would be happy to discuss this issue further.


Ryah said...

It terrifies me that diaticians think that light yogurt with corn syrup and fortified white bagels are normal. I hate to say it, but I think this won't be the first time you have to fight this battle in the nutrition world. Nice response!

Heather said...

A dietician practicing for 27 years who disreagds food allergies?! THAT is frightening. I suppose you should force down your corn syrup, malic acid and sucralose concoction called yogurt and deal with the pain...surely there's a pill for that! ;)

Wompa One said...

HAHA you have got to laugh Sabrina. What a great experience to have a 27 year vet lambaste you. I love that word "lambaste." Remember what Buck Levin said in class about the RD that asked "so?" to the toxicity in food? Well, be thankful you go to Bastyr so you won't end up like that 27 year veteran. Can you imagine he/she is actually working with patients? Friggin' yikes!

H. Crow said...

How frustrating when people disagreeing with you fail to explain themselves, and just seem intent on provoking a response. Great job handling that, Sabrina!