Sunday, May 10, 2009

In defense of rain

A lot of my friends have been complaining about the rain lately. Spring in Seattle is one of the wetter times of year, but I don't mind it. Rain in the Spring is very different to me than rain in the Winter. The cold, harsh, bleak rain we get in January in conjunction with the darkness that sets in by early afternoon makes me want to crawl back into bed until April. Spring rain is lighter, greener and soothing somehow. It is staying light now until after 8pm, even on overcast days which gives me energy and hope. It is the rain that nourishes the earth, which in turn nourishes us. It is the kind of rain that I don't mind getting caught in. It is romantic rain-- the kind we should be holding hands and kissing in, rather than cursing at. Without the rain we would not have the beautiful asparagus at the farmer's market, or the cherry blossoms blooming on every corner. It is the rain that makes Seattle the "Emerald City" making everything green and lush all year round. Without the rainy days we would not appreciate the beautiful sunny days we also often have. I am certain of this-- I lived in Southern California for five years and after awhile all the sunny days blend together and I lost all sense of time passing-- and everything except the palm trees was dusty brown. The days I really loved? The days it rained-- those days I felt like I was coming home.

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CAROL said...

Sabrina, I'm behind you 100% on this. The relentless sun and endless summer in SoCal is overrated. I'll take spring in Washington anytime.