Monday, May 25, 2009

Crossfit Fundamentals: Day 1

This morning I headed back to Crossfit for my first fundamentals training-- three sessions of one on one work with Jesse, my trainer, to both teach me proper form for the basics and to show Jesse where my weak spots are (there are many!)

First: after a little warm up on the rowing machine, I did countless squats while Jesse tweaked my form. I have a real tendency to turn my knees in and to favor my right leg, so we worked on trying to correct this before adding a dowel (basically a broom handle with no broom) for me to hold and attempt to hold properly without choking myself and still maintaining good form in my legs. By the time we finished that part my legs and hips were tired and we hadn't even started working out yet!

Second: Today's workout consisted of 15 of those perfect form squats with the dowel over my head followed by a quarter-mile run, which we repeated four times. Many of my friends are runners and probably could have sprint all of that easily and been bored out of their minds. NOT ME. I haven't run in at least four years due to ongoing knee issues and even before that I was never much of a runner. So today's cumulative mile was killer and I did end up having to walk some of it (not to mention those fun squats every quarter mile!)

I can tell I'm going to be sore tomorrow-- I'm already walking a bit gingerly.

As for food, I decided to clean up my act a bit. The national cross-fit org promotes a zone diet/paleo-diet type thing which is mainly a lot of fruits and veggies, good fats and lean, organic meat. I'm doing my own spin on that (true paleo shuns beans for some reason, and doesn't use starchy veggies which I'm not buying into). Above is my lunch today: Salmon salad with a little mayo, mustard and dill, olives, olive oil and vinegar and carrots with a side of berries. It was very filling-- I couldn't eat it all.

One day down-- who knows how many to go until I find my abs again. I took "before" pictures yesterday too , but I will not be sharing those until there is an "after" to compare it to!

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