Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crossfit Fundamentals: Day 2

If last time was a squat (and run) apalooza, today was all about turning my arms and shoulders into jello. Today we warmed up by doing a repeat of my intro session, doing two? three? I forget, rounds of 10 each squats, situps, pushups and pullups (since I can't do a pull-up I get to jump up to it each time so it's cardio too).

After all of that we moved onto learning some powerlifting skills. I practiced military presses (pressing barbell straight overhead), squat presses (I forget what they are actually called but it's where you do a baby squat and then use the force of coming out of the squat to get the barbell over your head) and jerks (where you do the same as in the squat thrust but you do a little hop into a squat for more power) over and over and over (probably for half an hour) with a PVC pipe instead of a weight until I got my form right. Then I did three of each with a 30 pound barbell. THEN the workout began! It went like this:

7 military presses
7 squat presses
7 jerks
(all with a 20 pound barbell)
21 pull-ups

THEN I did that all again twice more, except the second time I did 5 of the weighted things and 15 pull-ups, then the third time it was 3 of all of those and 9 pull-ups.

Needless to say my arms and shoulders burned! I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to brush my teeth tonight!

After Monday's workout I had sore quadriceps, but mainly I was just exhausted. I slept 10 hours that night and 8 last night and both days really wanted a nap!

As for food: I've noticed since upping my protein and eating lots more fruit I don't really get sugar cravings-- at least not the physical kind.

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