Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to Plum!

Welcome to Plum! Plum” has many definitions. Obviously it is a fruit, but it also means “to examine closely or deeply” and “An especially desirable position, assignment, or reward.” All of these things apply to health and nutrition—a focus on fruit (and vegetables), and a healthy diet is its own reward.

About me: I am a graduate student in nutrition. My nutrition philosophy is whole foods first, preferably local, organic and sustainable whenever possible. Plum will follow my experience in whole foods, including cooking, shopping, and the latest in health research as well as fitness, gardening, herbs and more. Always bringing you the “plum” tidbits to help you on your journey to reaching your health potential.

1 comment:

Carol White said...

As I was saying, nice and vibrant! Eye-catching pictures and I can hear your voice in the writing.