Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eating at a conference-- an allergy nightmare

This past weekend I attended the Washington State Dietetic Association's annual conference. Despite the fact that it was a conference for nutrition professionals, and despite the fact that on my registration form I did check boxes for gluten and dairy intolerance, there was virtually nothing I could eat. I had to get over my chicken aversion quickly, since chicken salad ended up being the only thing I could eat at pretty much every meal. The first morning breakfast was white-bread bagels with cream cheese and "light" yogurt (i.e. full of artificial sweeteners). I think there was some kind of pastry as well. Really? A low-fiber, refined grain, artificially sweetened gluten and dairy filled bonanza? Pathetic. Thankfully my friend had a larabar and an apple in the car or I would have starved. (Granted, I should have planned ahead and brought my own food, but that's another story).

Two of my girlfriends and I stayed with one of their family members (a third friend stayed at a hotel because he is a boy and that was what was appropriate. Aren't we old fashioned? ;))

My friend's family wanted to make dinner for us the second night. It was a really sweet gesture, but everything she wanted to make for us was full of gluten, dairy and sugar. Thankfully, my friends are nutrition students and incredibly understanding about my allergies and we were able to make alternate arrangements and go out to dinner.

I just goes to show, even at a state-wide conference for nutrition professionals, you are not guaranteed healthy, real food. What is this world coming to?

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Anonymous said...

I somehow came across your blog and I am frightened. I have been a practicing dietician for 27 years and you are gravely misinformed, ignorant, and unbelievably narrow minded in your approach to healthy eating. I am not familiar with the Bastyr curriculum, but it terrifies me that you believe your way of life is "normal". I hope someday you will open your eyes and realize this.