Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation here I come...

This picture is from our last vacation, to Maui in 2005. Tomorrow we are off to the Big Island of Hawaii (we always discuss Mexico or Europe, then go to Hawaii instead because it's cheaper-- this will be our third trip!). My bags are packed, my tan is fake, and I'm ready for some cooler weather!

I'm currently contemplating what to take on the plane to eat, since I can't bring anything liquid and I don't want to bring anything too perishable (i.e. lunch meat) since it will be hours before I actually eat this stuff and space is limited. I found organic, gluten-free turkey jerky, grapes, cut up veggies and of course larabars. (Not to mention I'm prone to motion sickness and I'd prefer not to bring anything that might turn my stomach). I'm kind of uninspired otherwise. Our first afternoon in Hawaii is going to be spent running around grocery shopping, since our condo has a kitchen and I plan to cook most of our meals. Through the miracle of the internet I found a health food store in Kona, so hopefully we will be able to get enough stuff I can eat without it costing a fortune.

Before that though, I'm off to a friend's wedding-- she's a foodie so the food will be good (she said she tried to make sure there was stuff I could eat-- I hope that turns out to be true!).

I'll have lots to tell when I get back next week I'm sure. For now, aloha!

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