Monday, August 31, 2009

New Adventure

Yesterday Marc and I drove (in two cars) down to Dupont with a car load full of stuff. I unloaded all of my boxes and then he and I went to dinner at a nearby pizza restaurant (I had salad). I've been so anxious the past week that I've had very little appetite, but it was a pretty good salad. Then before I knew it he was driving away and I was left to start my new adventure. I will say, living here is not exactly roughing it. I have my own bathroom and bedroom next to the den where there is internet access and all of it overlooks a nice golf course and Mt Rainier. Vicki, my roommate, reminds me of my own mom and is always trying to take care of me, making sure I know where to go, asking if I'm hungry etc. As I relax into this new situation I'm slowly getting my appetite back, but I've shrunk my stomach so that I can't seem to eat very much at one time-- I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing!

I didn't sleep very well last night-- not surprising given a big day today plus an unfamiliar bed, but by the time I went to bed I was no longer anxious and woke up feeling pretty calm-- mainly because I realized we just have class this week and that I'm going to be just fine staying here.

On Saturday Marc and I got new cell phones and unlimited text messaging and it's fantastic-- neither of us necessarily likes to talk on the phone forever, but we always have little updates to share throughout the day and we text each other all evening and whenever I get a break during the day. It makes him seem less far away.

The food situation is interesting because I shopped for groceries when I had zero appetite and most food sounded terrible, so I don't think I quite brought enough of the right things. This morning I had my usual smoothie, for lunch I brought a pinto bean, lettuce, tomato and olive salad (I don't have enough olives to make it through the whole week though). And dinner I made potatoes, chicken sausage and salad, but cooking dinner and cleaning up took way longer than I'm going to have when we get longer shifts. By Thursday I might be eating oatmeal for dinner. The closest grocery store is 8 miles away in Lacey, which means fighting traffic on the freeway to go there, so I'm trying to make it to the weekend without needing to shop. Overall though, I'm settling into things and feeling better.

EDITED (link should work now). For more on my first day at my internship, you can read my new blog here:


Keith Cottrill Photography said...

FYI: Your "other blog" link doesn't work.

Stevie said...

Did my mom send you guys over to Farrelli's? I love their pizza and my mom and I love their salads even more!!

I still can't get over the fact that you're living with my mom. I love it!