Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cranky Fourth of July

I am not getting enough exercise. I know this because I am incredibly cranky all the time. I went to crossfit on Tuesday, but then was side-lined by a short but intense summer cold of some kind. Marc had been suffering from what he thought was extra-bad allergies for over a week. When I came down with a raging sore throat on Tuesday afternoon I realized it was not allergies but a cold, since I don't have seasonal allergies. My head was stuffy and I was dizzy for three days-- it mostly seems to have passed now. Unfortunately what I'm left with is an attitude problem. I am anxious all of the time-- I think this is partly to do with the fact I have three part-time jobs, all of which are work-from home which means I need to organize my time and I have been feeling behind on projects, and partly because much of the details of the next year, such as where I will live and where and when my rotations will be is still unknown. I am a person who likes to plan-- I get uncomfortable without a planner and a spreadsheet. This doesn't mean I am inflexible-- I changed my major in college 4 times, and each time I had a carefully designed spreadsheet and list of how I was going to meet all of my requirements and finish my degree. My internship does not mesh well with this aspect of my personality, as they seem to withhold information or otherwise are wildly disorganized. Neither bodes well. I need to get back to near daily exercise to burn off some of my anxiety and hopefully help me sleep better at night.

Today for the fourth we stayed close to home and did some chores in the morning, and then spontaneously invited Marc's sister and her husband over for a BBQ. I grilled grass fed beef hot dogs and corn on the cob, and served it with my friend Carol's recipe for cherry relish, guacamole, corn chips and watermelon. It was very delicious but once again my gut reminded me it is not a fan of corn-- I need to test to see if this applies only to processed corn like chips, or also to fresh corn since I had both today.

Afterwards we went to the local Lynnwood fireworks display which is held every year at Lynnwood High School, across the street from Alderwood Mall. There was something ironic about leaning up against the front window of Nordstrom watching the fireworks-- it seemed a truly American holiday, to sit at the mall to celebrate our consumerist nation's birthday. I have never sat so close to the source of fireworks before-- I had to cover my ears it was so loud! Tonight there won't be much sleep for us, since our house is not within the city limits and thus fireworks are allowed. Some of our neighbors set off huge firecrackers that are so loud they shake the house-- every year this goes on until 1 or 2 in the morning-- it's a tradition I could do without!


CAROL said...

How was the relish?

Laura said...

I finally just got a DI manual, but I can't gain access to it. Go figure!