Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday Talkers—My first Crossfit class

After last Saturday’s ass-kicking, I could barely walk Sunday and leaned heavily into the wall or a table every time I sat down. I couldn’t imagine working out again Monday, so I rested and felt just very sore—a step up from incapacitation!

Tuesday morning was my first official cross-fit class, although I was the only one in it! Apparently since Seattle has decided to pretend it is summer in early June, with temperatures hitting the upper 80s gym attendance is down. So at 7am that morning I was the only person working out with the instructor whose name was Abi. I was a little apprehensive but by a half hour into our workout we were chatting like old friends. Later Abi had to leave and her replacement, another female trainer named Monica took over. We ladies chatted so long my workout, which could have been finished in 45 minutes went on for an hour and a half. This was partly due to the fact that today’s workout was doing front squats at max weight to failure. In other words—find out how much weight you can squat and then lift over your head without compromising form. The answer for me? 70 pounds. There was a lot of standing around chatting between attempts.

I did not have time to go to the gym yesterday as I spent 13 hours at school, starting the day with a presentation and ending it with helping cater a fancy dinner as part of our Food Service Management class' project. I spent hours cooking in a kitchen that was probably 100 degrees, given that outside it was in the 90s, a rarity for Seattle in June. This morning was filled with trips to the dentist and the eye doctor, so tomorrow will resume my cross-fit adventures. Right now? I need a nap!

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Laura said...

Damn Sabrina, you're strong!! You're going to be able to kick some serious ass soon. I was so hyped up last night that it was hard to relax, soon I just collapsed, as I'm sure we all did!