Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Die Another Day

Another image of weirdness from the solstice festival.

It was back to crossfit this morning after a nearly two week break due to all of the chaos surrounding the end of school, houseguests, etc. Crossfit.com posts the workout of the day (WOD) the night before and I was dreading an early death due to today's prescription of lots and lots of running. But alas, I did not realize my local affiliate is on a week delay so as to plan the whole week's workouts ahead, so my running torture day will be delayed until next Tuesday.

Instead, today after a good fifteen minutes of "warm-up" that pre-crossfit would have been my entire workout (pushups, pull-ups, 400m run, squats and then tons of abs) we focused on front squats today. Front squats are exactly as they sound-- you hold a barbell in front, with your palms up, weight resting on your shoulders, while you try and keep your back straight by keeping your elbows up. Failing to do this puts a lot of strain on your lower back. As I am sitting here typing I am quite sure I did a poor job of keeping my back straight because my lower back is hurting. I felt kind of relieved to have gotten off with a squat workout when I thought I was going to have to do much worse! Tomorrow I'm going to hit hot yoga and see how it goes alternating yoga with crossfit. If that makes me too tired than I probably will just swim or something similar on alternate days.

This morning I also finally made it out of bed early enough to go to the 7am class-- I have been staying up later and later at night, enjoying the quiet of the house and the time to myself. Instead I'm going to try and get my workout done in the morning before it gets too hot, and get closer to Marc's early to bed, early to rise schedule.

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Misha Henshaw said...

I got back in the pool in what I call "Death by Wade". I might not have been the slowest person in the pool but I was definitely in the most pain by the end. I am literally shaking in fear for tomorrow's Death by Wade. Far too long out of the pool and it was not pretty.

Cheers to being back at Crossfit.