Friday, October 24, 2014

Whole 30-- final stretch

I'm 26 days into my whole 30.  I suppose it hasn't been 100% perfect, but I'm going to go with 98% and it's the cleanest I have eaten in years.  For me, avoiding sugar and grains has been a huge deal.  I was reading someone else's blog the other day that said smoothies were not within the "spirit of the thing." Well smoothies are making this possible for me, so forget that.  Other imperfections: my bacon has sugar in it it, and sometimes I run out of ghee and just use butter.  Like I said, not perfect.  I have had one egg a day for the past two days, and I am waiting to see if my baby's eczema flares up again.  His skin has really improved over the past month, I am hoping I can now get away with a little egg. 

This morning I returned to Crossfit after not doing it for 3.5 years.  It was rough-- I am out of shape! And they even went easy on me and it was still rough.  But also great.  I have been trying to work out on my own at the YMCA and it hasn't been going well.  The equipment at the Y is insufficient for lifting any meaningful weight. The trick will be to gain muscle and fitness without completely burning myself out.  With two little kids I rarely get a full night's sleep and so my system is already taxed.  I will not be trying to beat anybody any time soon!

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