Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paleo Reboot-- week one

As promised I have gotten my act together since Thanksgiving.  I am doing a Paleo  + dairy/weston price-y thing and so far it's great!  Good bye gluten free bread and excessive chocolate (I started buying 88% dark chocolate and it has minimal sugar so I can eat a square and be done).

Stuff I'm eating:

Breakfast: 3 eggs, sweet potato, butter, sauerkraut (I never liked fermented veggies before but I'm starting to get over it-- I gave some to Max this morning with avocado and he LOVED it). A couple times I've made a sausage, sweet potato, apple bake.

Lunch:  leftover dinner or new favorite:  sweet potato, tuna, and kale all mashed together (Max also loves this)

Dinner: meat of some kind (chicken/beef/pork etc), potatoes or sweet potatoes, green vegetables.

Snacks: plain whole milk organic yogurt, almonds

Sometimes I throw a little cheese in there, drink a cup of bone broth, eat a pack of seaweed etc.

I am currently obsessed with the balancedbites podcast, and am loving their take on paleo as being a "nutrient seeker"-- this was what was missing before-- I wasn't working hard at getting the maximum quantity of NUTRIENTS.  Oh, and I'm not at all doing low carb anymore-- nursing requires a lot of calories and carbs.

This weekend we were traveling to visit family and I managed to avoid sugar but there wasn't much variety or nutrient density-- I ate a lot of salami, cheese, and flackers (crackers made of flax seeds), in the car-- when I got home last night I was dying for kale, which we are out of, but I did eat seaweed and a cup of bone broth to get some minerals and nutrients in.

 My little man likes pretty much everything I feed him from meat to vegetables to coconut milk and pumpkin (which is what he had for breakfast). 

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