Saturday, June 25, 2011

Paleo-ish Strawberry "Julius" recipe

When I was a kid I loved getting a strawberry-orange Julius at the mall. I'm sure it was loaded with scary ingredients and I don't think I have had one for at least 15 years. (Is that company even still in business?)

Pre-paleo I was very into green smoothies. I got out of the habit, in part, because in the winter the last thing I want is a cold drink, and partly because Robb Wolf is very anti-liquid food.

But now it's summer (well sort of-- in Seattle summer doesn't really come until July-- it's still rainy and 60 degrees here). I've actually been sick for the past few weeks (more on that in an upcoming post), M had strep throat, and going back to my last post about a Paleo "Template" I enjoy green smoothies, they are easy to digest and so they are coming back into rotation. If what works best for you is a very low fructose/low carb sort of paleo approach, then ignore the following recipe. If a bit more fruit and carbs are your friends then here is my Strawberry julius-esque recipe:

1 cup coconut milk (I used light)
1/2 an orange
1-2 cups kale
1-1/2 cups frozen strawberries (I didn't measure, so I'm guessing)

optional ingredients:
1 tsp sweetner (I used a few drops of stevia, honey would work or you could do without)
a pinch of citric acid-- (I know that sounds bizarre, but another nutritionist told me she adds this to her smoothies to make them a bit sour and I find it delicious. )
protein powder- this is not very paleo, but I like my smoothie to be a meal. If you are not dairy sensitive, whey protein is probably best. I can't tolerate dairy so I use pumpkin seed protein powder-- it's just the protein not the fat from the seeds so I'm not getting a bunch of omega 6s at least.
Cod liver oil/fish oil: the only way I can get this down is to mix it in my smoothie
Vitamin D: if you have a high powered blender or you use liquid vitamin D, might as well throw it in too.

So there's my recipe. It's only sort of paleo, but it works for me and it was delicious so I thought I'd share!

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Laura said...

There is an orange julius right near my apartment! I never heard of one til now. I have much to talk to you about! I'm reading good calories, bad calories now and need a good nutrition talk. I'll try and call soon.