Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dairy is a no-go

Last week I experimented with butter. I first had about a 1/2 tablespoon on a piece of gluten free toast and didn't notice any effect. Excited, I had another tablespoon or so on popcorn and many weird things happened. I was on the phone so I didn't notice at first that I was kind of hyper. My face got really hot (though not red) and I was very aware of my cheeks, as though my face was swollen, though I looked normal. I also had some breathing issues and a general feeling of unease-- all of these symptoms lasted until the next morning, as well as crushing fatigue that lasted a couple days. On Sunday night I had one tiny bite of Marc's pizza and though I'm not positive it's correlated, all day Monday I was absolutely exhausted. This does not bode well.

Phase one of my great adventure is planned: my oldest and dearest friend Megan and I are going to Greece for 10 days in May. Megan and I have been friends for 24 years, since the first grade, and traveled many times together on school trips. In 24 years I only remember us ever even getting mildly annoyed with each other once (during a stressful History Day project in high school). She will be a really fun and easy travel companion.

During phase two of my adventure Marc is meeting me in Europe for another 10 days. We have not decided yet where we will go-- we have been talking about France/Spain/Italy along the Riviera, but we also might stay in Greece, since there are so many islands we could easily do another 10 days without repeating anything Megan and I do.

I am counting the days-- less than 9 weeks! until my internship is finally over and I get to go on this fantastic adventure with two of my favorite people.

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