Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Refuge

(The title of this post is a little shout out to fellow newsies fans...)

Despite many resolutions at the beginning of the year I had a really hard time getting motivated to go to the gym. Sometimes I would walk and jog around my neighborhood (not terribly pedestrian friendly) or do exercise videos on demand on cable, but I wasn't really working that hard or often enough but I couldn't get inspired to go-- the gym I was going to was crazy busy after about 3:30 in the afternoon, and I really don't like getting up before 5am to work out (soooo not a morning person!)

I started looking into other options, and found that a new gym opened about four miles away so I went to go check it out. The new gym is the same company as a gym I used to work out at downtown before I started going to 24 hour fitness, and it opened in a building that used to be Marc's favorite 24 hour fitness branch until 24 hour opened another branch that cost extra to use (which is why the Lynnwood branch got so busy, because no one wanted to pay extra to use the new gym!) I always hated the Everett branch because the equipment always seemed to be broken and it was really dark (probably because they knew they were opening a new one and didn't keep it up).

Well the new gym is still kind of dark and has yucky fluorescent lighting, but it is very uncrowded which is great, has good classes and, how to describe this? It has much better energy. Excuse me for getting metaphysical for a moment but my old gym always had a very frantic, loud frenzied sort of energy that I found exhausting. The new gym feels very laid back and community oriented. Plus, I've been going to this class called "Ultimate Kickboxing" and I think I'm addicted. I don't really like aerobics because I'm not coordinated enough, but I used to do tae-bo in college. This new class involves kickboxing with the big heavy punching bags and OH MY do I love it. It's a killer work out-- the first day I nearly vomited, but it is SO FUN!! Other days I do weight circuits and run, and as soon as I post this I'm off to try the yoga class. Instead of dreading the gym I look forward to it-- I've been going two out of every three days. It also helps that my schedule right now allows me to come home, eat something and relax a little before going to the gym. I'm tired and sore a lot as I get used to this routine but I'm enjoying it and hope I can keep it up!


Stevie said...

I totally hear you on the un-pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. I live in the god damn boonies! Isn't it supposed to be safe for people to walk around? Sheesh. This is actually one of Andy's biggest pet peeves (and now mine, since I live here). There are NO SIDEWALKS. I miss my days of taking a different route every single day through my Capitol Hill neighborhoods. There were sidewalks everywhere and always so much to see! We are very close to the Burke-Gilman, yes, but I get bored very easily walking and running the same route every day.

I need to find a good balance! I've been wanting to join the Gold's Gym down the street, especially because it has a pool, which is the only thing that KEEPS me balanced. Mama fish needs her water! But I love lifting weights and a good class here and there, too.

Ok, wow. This comment has become a novel. I'm done now :-)

Please come walk or run with me on the trail!

Anonymous said...

So I found your blog when I was searching for a good kickboxing place where I can relieve some stress by punching bags and was wondering what the name of your gym is??